Outdoor Heritage Conservation Partners Grant Program - FY2012

2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount:
Outdoor Heritage Fund
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State Government
In Progress
Start Date: 
July 2011
End Date: 
June 2014
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Project Details:
2012 Fiscal Year
Legal Citation / Subdivision: 
ML 2011, First Special Session, Ch. 6, Art. 1, Sec. 2, Subd. 5(g)
Appropriation Language 

$5,629,000 the first year is to the commissioner of natural resources for a program to provide competitive, matching grants of up to $400,000 to local, regional, state, and national organizations for enhancement, restoration, or protection of forests, wetlands, prairies, and habitat for fish, game, or wildlife in Minnesota. Grants shall not be made for activities required to fulfill the duties of owners of lands subject to conservation easements. Grants shall not be made from appropriations in this paragraph for projects that have a total project cost exceeding $475,000. $319,000 of this appropriation may be spent for personnel costs and other administrative costs. Grantees may acquire land or interests in land. Easements must be permanent. Land acquired in fee must be open to hunting and fishing during the open season unless otherwise provided by state law. The program shall require a match of at least ten percent from nonstate sources for grants of $100,000 or less and a match of at least 15 percent from nonstate sources for grants over $100,000. Up to one-third of the match may be in-kind resources. For grant applications of $25,000 or less, the commissioner shall provide a separate, simplified application process. The criteria for evaluating grant applications over $25,000 must include the amount of habitat restored, enhanced, or protected; local support; encouragement of a local conservation culture; urgency; capacity to achieve multiple benefits; habitat benefits provided; consistency with current conservation science; adjacency to protected lands; full funding of the project; supplementing existing funding; public access for hunting and fishing during the open season; sustainability; degree of collaboration; and use of native plant materials. All projects must conform to the Minnesota statewide conservation and preservation plan. Wildlife habitat projects must also conform to the Minnesota wildlife action plan. Subject to the evaluation criteria and requirements of this paragraph and Minnesota Statutes, the commissioner of natural resources shall give priority to organizations that have a history of receiving or charter to receive private contributions for local conservation or habitat projects when evaluating projects of equal value. If acquiring land or a conservation easement, priority shall be given to projects associated with existing wildlife management areas under Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.05, subdivision 8; scientific and natural areas under Minnesota Statutes, sections 84.033 and 86A.05, subdivision 5; and aquatic management areas under Minnesota Statutes, sections 86A.05, subdivision 14, and 97C.02. All restoration or enhancement projects must be on land permanently protected by a conservation easement or public ownership or in public waters as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 103G.005, subdivision 15. Priority shall be given to restoration and enhancement projects on public lands. Subdivision 9 applies to grants awarded under this paragraph. This appropriation is available until June 30, 2015. No less than five percent of the amount of each grant must be held back from reimbursement until the grant recipient has completed a grant accomplishment report by the deadline and in the form prescribed by and satisfactory to the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council. The commissioner shall provide notice of the grant program in the 2011 game and fish law summaries that are prepared under Minnesota Statutes, section 97A.051, subdivision 2.

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match required by program amount varies depending on requested amount

Project Overview

The Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program will be managed by the Department of Natural Resources to provide competitive matching grants to local, regional, state, and national non‐profit organizations, including governments.

Project Details

Accomplishment Plan: http://www.lsohc.leg.mn/FY2012/accomp_plan/5g.pdf

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